WADA published “The 2021 Prohibition List and Monitoring Program” which is valid period from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021

2021 Prohibition ListChinese-English version

2021 Monitoring ProgramChinese-English version

2021 Description of changesChinese-English version

*The Chinese version is translated by CTADA. If there is any discrepancy the English version shall prevail.

**For inquiries about drugs or nutritional supplements contain prohibited substances, you can check the page of applicable therapeutic drugs for inquiries, or inquire online to the CTADA’s prohibition advisory team (Reply within 24 hours).

WADA published the Prohibited List for the next year in the fourth quarter of each year, listing the prohibited substances and methods that athletes cannot use during In-Competition and Out-of-Competition. Athletes must avoid using the prohibited substances and methods listed in the list, so as not to be punished for violating the prohibition.

Athletes must be responsible for the prohibited substances detected in their bodies, no matter how they enter the body (Injection, eat, external use, etc.)or whether it is deliberate or unintentional.Therefore, athletes must ensure that they and the supporting personnel who provide assistance (such as: medical team, training team, family and friends)are aware of the substances and methods listed in the latest Prohibited List of each year, and do not use/misuse so as to avoid suspension or cancellation of results due to violations of prohibition regulations.

Last updated: 2021/3/17

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