Instruction of filling Registered Testing Pool (RTP) athlete whereabouts information

According to the regulations of the World Anti-Doping Agnecy (referred to as WADA), all international federations and anti-doping organizations must agree on an international federation or registered testing pool (referred to as RTP) for athletes who has to report whereabouts information under Anti-Doping Administration & Management System (referred to as ADAMS) by WADA regulation.  

By the Personal Information Protection Law and WADA regulations, the RTP athletes have to report whereabouts in the Anti-Doping Administration & Management System and maintain strict confidentiality. Furthermore, only scheduled by Anti-Doping Organization for Out-of-Competition Testing; WADA; International Federation where athletes belong, International Comprehensive Event Organizers, and the organizations that accept the inspections authorized by the above organizations; according to the regulations, WADA has the right to read the athletes whereabouts filled in by the ADAMS and schedule inspections accordingly. Any of the above out-of-competition tests scheduled by organizations are no advance notice testing, including urine and/or blood tests.

RTP players need to update their whereabouts data at any time according to their actual itinerary. Failure to fill in before the deadline, false whereabouts, or incomplete information, resulting in filing failure or missed test, according to WADA regulations since the first time a total of 3 whereabouts Failures within 12 months from the beginning is considered a violation of the doping control regulations and will be sanction in domestic and foreign competitions for 1 to 2 years. 

Athletes in the RTP must apply for treatment to the Chinese Taipei Anti-Doping Agency (referred to as CTADA) apply for  if they have acute or chronic diseases diagnosed by a physician. They must be treated with prohibited substances from the prohibited list or treated with prohibited methods with no therapeutic alternatives or programs available; the Therapeutic Use Exemption (referred to as TUE) can apply from the CTADA  after the certificate is approved. RTP athletes who have obtained the qualifications of the national team, if they need to apply for TUE, should confirm with the TUE regulations and conduct from where athletes belong International Federation or International Comprehensive Event Organizers, at least 30 days before the event starts.

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Last Update Date: 2024/3/4

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