We sincerely invite the national high school sports talent class to sign up for the anti-doping education lectures. Incorporate the knowledge of anti-doping education and the concept of fair competition into campus as soon as possible; it helps correct teenager sport ethics and cultivate upright character and behavior.

Lecture content】:
The foundation will hold Anti-Doping Education lectures for national high school sports talent class students starting from 2021, and the purpose is to let students:
a. Understand the meaning of sportsmanship and the importance of fair competition
b. Apply sportsmanship in daily life
c. Knowing the consequences of using doping and anti-doping

Contact Address】:No.250, WenHua 1st Road, Guishan District, Taoyuan City, 330

Contact Number】:(03)327-3385;(03)327-3332

PPT will assist the lecture in the school. It will take about 1 hour, and please help to arrange venues and equipment.
The lecture conduct during the 2021 academic school year.
Our staff will contact the lecturer in charge to confirm the date after receiving the application form.

National high school sports talent class to apply for lectures, please click on the link below:

Application Form


Chinese Taipei Anti-Doping Agency   Educational Division

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